Monday, 3 December 2012

Following the advice of a published author, I have implemented a new regime for my writing over the past six to eight months. The regime is to make the time for my writing. Being a morning person, I get up now between four and five in the morning to write. It can put a strain on our family when I'm locked away in my study each morning, but it's starting to show results. After being published last month, I have just won a competition run by HarperCollins via their Authonomy website.

Laurence O'Bryan is a published author, his first novel, 'The Istanbul Puzzle' won high praise and the best novel at the Southern California Writer's Conference. His next novel, 'The Jerusalem Puzzle' is due to be published soon and the second chapter was released on the Authonomy blog. There was then an open invite to read the chapter and offer a five-hundred word synopsis of where you would take the story next. Having been shortlisted into the final sixteen for my entry, I was then offered the opportunity to submit a five-thousand word short story for potential publication.

Today I received an email explaining that i would be one of three authors that would be published in a special ebook release of 'The Jerusalem Puzzle', It will be published next summer. I'm so grateful for the opportunity given to me by HarperCollins and I now have the chance to get my work seen by a wide audience. I am also allowed to put my contact and social network details in the with my winning entry. 

The story that i submitted was called 'In the Name of Science' and I had submitted it to '' prior to sending it to HarperCollins. However, it seemed like the right story to send for the competition entry, which is why I submitted it to two places. When I emailed '' explaining that I had been published, they informed me that I was going to be published with the same story by them also.

All in all it has been a wonderful day for writing. I also finished my novella today. 

It would seem that all of the extra work I am managing to get in because of the redeye alarm calls is paying off.    

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