Saturday, 26 January 2013

Authonomy - A Great Resource for Writers

Authonomy is a website run by HarperCollins - - You can upload part, or all of your novel on here. You have to upload at least ten thousand words to make your work 'go live'. Once it's live, it is available for everyone to see and comment on. 

A new book will start at the bottom of the rankings and will climb depending on how many users back it, comment on it, and rate it. If, by the end of the month, your book has made it into the top five, HarperCollins promise to read the first ten thousand words and offer a critque, and possibly, publication. A free professional review!

To get into the top five takes a lot of hard work. Some users try the approach of messaging everyone to ask for backing. This method, surprisingly, does see them climb up the table, but it seems that to get into the top five, you have to offer to review the work of others to get the same in return.   

However, while a HarperCollins review is nothing to be sniffed at, there is a huge amount of value in joining a reading group on this site. There are plenty of active users on the forums that are more than happy to critque your work for the same in return. As a writer, this is what I want. I would hate to get to the editor's desk before my work's ready, and the community are helping me improve my work every day. To have a place where I can get honest and constructive criticism for free is amazing. All of the people I have met so far have been wonderful, and very kind with their criticism, while offering something useful for me to work with. My book is so much better for it.  

Again, there are people who seem to want to progress up the charts and will praise your work to receive the same in return, but if you find a good group, you will meet a great collection of people that will help you improve as a writer. Here is my novella - - and here is a link to the group that I am a member of -

I hope to see you on the site. 

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