Sunday, 6 October 2013

Results for Kindle Nation Daily Ad

So having recently spent $99 on a Kindle Daily Deal ad on Kindle Nation Daily, I thought I'd report back my results from it.

I must say that my book only had five reviews on when I placed the ad, and three of them were two stars, so I'm sure if it was reviewed better then it would have sold more.

The picture below is from - The spike in sales is due to the ad. I was averaging 3 sales a week on the .com site, and because of the ad, that went up to 34. The profit on $0.99 is about $0.35 per book.

The next picture is for (where my reviews are much stronger) - I sold less on the UK site the week the ad was out than I had the previous week - 88 sales as opposed to 113. Having been in the top 10 for post-apocalyptic on the UK site, I was getting good sales anyway. Is it fair to assume it had no impact? I'm not sure, but it certainly didn't seem to.
I appreciate that many factors impact the sales of a book and I'm sure my reviews on the .com site didn't help. However, all I can do is present the information as I've experienced it.

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