Sunday, 29 June 2014

Space Mullet, Chapter One, by Daniel Warren Johnson

I first heard of this comic on Eleven O'Clock Comics. Skottie Young recommended it.

The premise of Space Mullet is a Space Marine has gone AWOL, although we don't yet know why. The story starts with the AWOL marine - Jonah - going on a mission. The leader of said mission seems reckless and unhinged, and Jonah is clearly uneasy with him from the start. 

The story then fast forwards a few years and Jonah is roaming through space, picking up work as a Space Trucker with a Zozobian named Alphius. If I'm looking for comparisons, I'm inclined to draw the obvious one between Han and Chewbacca.

In the first chapter we're told that Jonah has a dark past, one he's trying to free himself from. The suggestion is that something happened during the mission he went on at the beginning. We also find out that Alphius would follow him into the sun because he saved him - again this reminded me of the Chewbacca life debt.

The art is beautiful, the story flowing from panel to panel. The different aliens have great designs and the world building is amazing. The second we landed down on the first planet, I was transported into a rich world of poverty and violence. A world I wanted to know so much more about.

I don't want to spoil the story of the first chapter, but I would highly recommend this webcomic. Surely this story needs the Kickstarter hardcover treatment?

This is a great sci-fi comic with a fast pace and engaging worlds / characters.

Highly recommended.

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