Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Revolution - Episode One

So having just watched Revolution, episode one, I thought I'd post my thoughts.

The acting - Maybe it was the wooden script and weak plot, but I didn't feel compelled to care about any of the characters. They all seemed to be stereotypes - The tough girl, the fighting uncle, the computer geek who used to work for, you guessed it - Google, the spunky brother, and the wicked step mother who seems to be handy with a knife and not so wicked after all - Aw shucks.

The concept - This concept is good. Electricity fails, a few people knew why but have chosen to let it happen and the world falls apart. Militia and Bandits run things now.

The plot - It would seem that the fighting uncle, brother of dead Dad, also knows why electricity has failed. Monroe, the villain, who was once best friends with the fighting uncle, wants to know how to get electricity back so he can build his evil empire and take over the world. Mwahahahahahahaha.

The fight scene - There was a stand off between the fighting uncle and Monroe's men. The uncle walked down his huge stairs and fought maybe twenty men with a sword. I felt like I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Every time one of the good guys got in a tight spot, one of their pals popped up with a sword or crossbow to help them out. They shared a cheesy look of acknowledgment and continued fighting.

This seemed like a collection of weak, one-dimensional scenes, involving weak, one-dimensional characters, and getting resolved in ridiculous and cliched ways. The bandits actually drank poisoned whisky when prompted to by the wicked stepmother!!!!!!

This was a series I was excited to see. I'm not sure I'll watch episode two.

3 out of 10

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