Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Object Element of a Clause

The object element usually follows the subject and verb in a clause. There are two types of object:

Direct Object

This is usually a person or thing directly affected by the action expressed in the verb:

The fat woman ate a cake. 
       (S)             (V)  (O)d 

I saw Jane.
(S) (V) (O)d

Indirect Object

The indirect object usually refers to an animate being that is the recipient of the action. There is usually a direct object in these clauses also. The indirect object usually comes before the direct object. 

She gave the cat some water. 
(S)    (V)    (O)i        (O)d

I told her my plans.
(S)(V)(O)i   (O)d

What can be an Object?

Noun phrases, including single nouns:

I saw John. We've found a new car.


John saw me. Now hear this. He did what?

Some subordinate clauses:

John said I'd been foolish.

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